Mode Suisse - Laend Phuengkit - Photo Tobias Wirth
Edition 2, Zurich • Laend Phuengkit

Photo Tobias Wirth

Laend Phuengkit

The designs of Laend Phuengkits «Silent City of...» collection revolve around the positive tension between power and peace, whilst incorporating elements of rebellion, revolution and freedom. The collection keeps in line with Phuengkit’s signature style, concentrating on the careful blend of contrasting details of the fusion of European and Asian aesthetic elements. The new collection finds a unique way of blending sharp geometric lines with flowing silhouettes. «Silent City of...» encapsulates the wasteland of brick buildings, solitude and empty urban expanses, translating these elements into pieces with clear-cut details present throughout the collection. Freedom is expressed through a remarkable blend of extremes and through the lack of fear of the unfamiliar. Both men and women’s designs are marked by the fluidity of the fabrics, featuring some elements of transparency and a distinctive unpretentiousness of the looks.

The up-and-coming label Studio Laend Phuengkit, was launched in 2010 by Zurich-born Laend Phuengkit. The designer is a graduate of the FHNW (Institute for Fashion Design) and is now living in Berlin, where he has presented his collection at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week and was the first Swiss designer to be nominated a finalist of the prestigious Ramazotti Award. In his home country, he has won the renowned Swiss Design Award in 2011.