Mode Suisse - PortenierRoth -
Edition 3, Zurich • PortenierRoth


Instead of semi-annual new creations PortenierRoth are opting for an All-Season collection. By emphasizing different key attributes, pieces not only serve each season but can also be easily combined with each other. This approach is rooted in regional handicraft combined with the Zeitgeist of contemporary fashion. Each article can be sustainably reproduced whenever needed. The user-friendly intention, however, is to entice wearers into playfully varying their selection and combination of garments. The silhouettes of the individual pieces are designed to function equally well both alone and together to form a total look. Great care has been given to enable the attired woman to spend her day appearing modern and timeless. This nonchalance has accentuated the designers’ line on the catwalk ever since <<Croisière 11>> when models wore oversized men’s shoes. Only such a touch sets the kind of laissez-faire pace that the designers already have in mind in the early stages of creation. This results not only in clothing but also in shoes that encourage more (fashionable) sturdiness.