Mode Suisse - Mademoiselle L - Photo Mikael Vilchez
Edition 3, Zurich • Mademoiselle L

Photo Mikael Vilchez

Mademoiselle L

After a total revival of the brand mademoiselle L with the collection # A CROSS L - summer 2013, a succession of events and awards unanimously welcomed the contemporaneity of her collection and her “dégaine décalée“ that blends sophistication and streetstyle.

With the collection # A CROSS part II - winter 2014, mademoiselle L claims for the second consecutive season a collection of clothing declined as object design and divided into four compact collections: jeans, t-shirts, jewelry and bag.

In continuation of her previous collection, mademoiselle L’s inspiration is based on the black square of Malevich, worked in clothing by cutting and leather inserts. At last, rings, bracelets and XXS bags also worn as jewelry complement the silhouettes.

It is the “dégaine“ that binds these clothing together, a reverent and irreverent “dégaine“, chic and “brut“.