Mode Suisse - Julie Egli - Photo Véronique Hoegger
Edition 3, Geneva • Julie Egli

Photo Véronique Hoegger

Julie Egli

The Julie Egli scarves stick out with especially large sizes and big images of non- recurring patterns. Her signature prints take you on a sophisticated journey through different ethnic cultures and fantasy worlds with a touch of a psychedelic twist. She is working with her own explicitly detailed hand drawings, bold organic-graphic paintings or photographic collages. Notable is her special and attentive treat with color.
Bringing together fashion, art and manufacture, she is committed to create beautiful objects in high quality throughout the process. The collection is continually growing and not seasonally. The design is long-lived, never fast-paced and suitable for both genders. Silk is one of the most beautiful, exclusive materials. It has a unique color reflection and an insulating effect against cold and heat. She says: "A scarf can totally make your outfit – there are so many ways to wear it! Enjoy the bold size for a dress, even put it on your wall or use it as a plaid for your bed or sofa.

In 2013 she enriches her Brand with new leather accessory and scarves inspired by surreal, hyper Gauchos, traveling to dark islands with palm trees and spicy fruits, printed on a soft Modal/Cashmere blend. To be presented in March 2013 at Capsule show in Paris and Mode Suisse in Zurich and Geneva.

Julie Egli scarves have reached an international shop presence in Antwerp, Amsterdam, Berlin, London, Zurich, Barcelona and Basel and is available worldwide in online-shops.

Julie is currently based in Zurich. She studied and lived seven years in Barcelona and was co-founder and designer of LAVA 02-04 that was sold in Barcelona, Zurich, Stockholm, Beirut and Geneva.
Julie Egli is working as an independent designer in fashion and textile since 2001.