Mode Suisse - Institut Mode-Design, HGK Basel, FHNW - Photo Cosima Gadient
Edition 2, Geneva • Institut Mode-Design, HGK Basel, FHNW

Photo Cosima Gadient

Institut Mode-Design, HGK Basel, FHNW

The active, practical development of body knowledge, the conscious engagement with the human body on and by which fashion manifests itself, the questioning and analyzing of its proportions and movement radii as well as the reflections on one’s own body image including the body ideal—all these are elementary preconditions for designing fashion. How does a design precisely feel on the body and on the skin? Questions like these are the ones we are investigating, we are looking for answers, sharpen our consciousness, make statements that we immediately reject and open up dialogue.

Regarding the selection of the projects and articles, it has been very important to us to present as many facets of and approaches to the topic. Doing fashion is a study concept to train independent, critically and reflectively thinking and contemporarily acting fashion designers. Doing fashion as a heading is focussing on their projects, approaches and concepts.