Mode Suisse - Claudia Zuber - Photo Anita Baumann
Edition 2, Geneva • Claudia Zuber

Photo Anita Baumann

Claudia Zuber

Claudia Zuber founded her own label in 2009 after graduating with a BA Fashiondesign at HGK Basel and internships with Doo.ri and Kai Kühne in New York. The collections have been nominated for Swiss Federal Design Award and Lily Award and shown at events like Fashion Days Zürich and Mode Suisse amongst others. Her style is defined by uncomplicated gracefulness fused with a chaste sportiness resulting in a comfortable and slightly androgynous sobriety. For her Spring/Summer collection 2013, she was inspired by tough and competitive urban sports such as boxing and basketball on the one hand and the liberated shapes of 1920ties womens couture on the other. Characteristic features are draped overlays, contrasting borders and pipings as well as flat and narrow collars. A mix of materials such as suede goatskin, silk, jersey and microperforated nylon lend a subtly playful richness to the pieces which is complemented by a high-contrast colour palette ranging from black and ash gray to vibrant tones of electric blue and tangerine.